We Are Prohst,

Coming to you from Sunny Arizona

Where it all began…

It all started around 10 years ago… Brian and Alison were in school or recently graduated, with big dreams. After several years and a handful of jobs each, they became a little jaded: the corporate world is hard to change. There are expectations to do things a certain way, follow a certain schedule, and answer questions in a certain way… and that way isn’t always best!

Brian left to start the entrepreneurial life a bit earlier, only re-connecting with Alison over some design needs. They got to talking and realized they had a very similar approach and ideology: do great work, communicate openly and honestly, and put your client first.

Marketing & Digital Media

Brian Flora

Brian has been in marketing for the past eight years, helping companies large and small exceed their goals in a variety of industries. He started his career with the largest technician training company in North America, Universal Technical Institute (UTI). His responsibilities included enthusiast content creation, social media growth strategy, managing event promotions for local events, graphic design support, promotional photography, digital advertisement source coding and performance data interpretation, and traveling the country doing on-site event management dealing with high level sponsorship deals with companies like NASCAR, Supercross, Monster Jam, and Formula Drift.

In 2013, Brian was recruited by Swift Transportation to head their digital marketing and driver recruitment advertising efforts. There, he was tasked with everything from growing their social media essentially from scratch (around 1,000 followers total) up to a competitive level (they are currently at over 40,000 followers), to assessing and restructuring their large advertising budget allocation (roughly $11M), to building a complete new website, and so on.

Brian left Swift in 2015 to start his own venture, focusing on agency work with a variety of different clients to help them achieve their marketing goals. His background with large companies gives him invaluable insight into the current digital marketing world and all its intricacies.

Design & Development

Alison Nicolosi

Alison has worked in design and development professionally for over 7 years now, helping clients from small family-owned business to large corporations realize their goal of an elevated online presence. A graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, she started her career working at a small, Phoenix-based print shop, and working her way up quickly to a UI/UX Design position at a  web development firm. She has worked at multiple local design agencies as a user experience expert, and at GoDaddy as a theme developer on their Professional Web Services team.

Having worked at companies of all sizes, from 3 people to 6,000, Alison has gained tremendous insight into what does and does not work from a business to consumer standpoint. She has worked on projects in a variety of industries, including legal firms, medical practices, e-commerce solutions, personal coaching, and a variety of non-profits and charities.

After developing a significant freelance business, based solely on referrals for growth, she decided to partner up with Brian to build a company based on how they both feel an agency should be: transparent, friendly, and focused on your growth as well as our own.